If you fancy yourself a potential Batman, the Northeast Missouri Humane Society could use your help to catch some alleged thieves.

The Northeast Missouri Humane Society shared the following pic and status on Facebook earlier today indicating they had been robbed of wagons from their former location. The picture apparently features a vehicle with people who were allegedly involved.

As they mention in their Facebook post, the Hannibal Police Department has been contacted. If you have information about the vehicle and/or people in the photo, I'm sure the Hannibal police would like to have a conversation with them. Their non-emergency number is (573) 221-0987. You could also likely message them through their official Facebook page. It's worth noting to officially make a report about a potential crime like this, it's best to call them or stop by their building.

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While anyone pictured is innocent until proven guilty, security cam pictures like this are helpful in talking to people who may have been involved or have information about what happened.

For more information about the Northeast Missouri Humane Society or for more contact information, check out their official website.

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