I am cautiously optimistic that a brand new type of food option could land in Missouri in the near future based on the fact that a California-born taquito joint is already making big time expansion plans very near the Show Me State.

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Have you ever heard of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos? They are one of the fastest-growing Mexican fast food restaurants in America right now. They began in southern California, but are now heading eastward. This is their official locations map showing that they already have restaurants being developed in Oklahoma.

Infographic, Roll-Em-Up Taquitos
Infographic, Roll-Em-Up Taquitos

But wait, there's more...

Fast Casual has just shared news that Roll-Em-Up Taquitos now plans to have restaurants open in Tennessee and Kentucky by the end of 2023. That means that Missouri now has 3 bordering states that either have or will have a Roll-Em-Up Taquitos place in the next year.

The interesting aspect of the Fast Casual story is they say that the owners of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos have 8 restaurants in development. They've only publicly mentioned 4...so where are the other 4? Inquiring minds want to know. One of those wouldn't be in St. Louis, would it? Hey, it's possible. I could also see Kansas City being an option for a first Missouri expansion for a taquito place.

Right now it's just speculation and there is no confirmation from Roll-Em-Up Taquitos that Missouri is in their plans. All I know for a fact is the powers that be are strongly expanding in this direction. Whether we get a super-unique Mexican food option like this soon remains to be seen.

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