Can someone please bring these three restaurants to the Quincy/Hannibal area! I would be your number one customer.

I have lived in Quincy now for almost a year and a half. I have really loved my time in the Tri-States since moving here, if you listen to "Mornings with Mark and Sam" then you know I am a massive fan of so many of the local restaurants, from the Mark Twain Brewing Company in Hannibal, to Primo's in Canton, and of course Chick's on the River in Quincy, just to name a few! I always will support local, but there are days when I crave food from these three fast food restaurants that I absolutely loved going to when I lived in Chicago.

#3-Blaze Pizza: Blaze is the best fast food pizza place I have ever been too. You walk in create your own personal pizza from scratch (think like Subway, you go down the line adding whatever ingredients you want). Then they fire it in their massive oven cooking it in 5 mins, and you can take it home or eat it there. If you ever have the chance to eat at Blaze do it!

#2- Chick-fil-A: I mean this one is obvious. They have incredible chicken sandwiches, and the chick-fil-a sauce is something otherworldly, when you dip those delicious waffle fries in the sauce your mouth is in heaven.

#1-Jersey Mike's:This is no contest really, Jersey Mike's has been and always will be my absolute favorite fast food sub sandwich. I love that they deli slice the meat in front of you, and you can get really incredible cheese steaks hot off the flattop. There is no restaurant I want more in the Tri-States then a Jersey Mike's.

So there is my top 3! Which restaurants would you love to see come to the Tri-States asap?

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