Strange things happen in the woods of Missouri. A new story from a Missouri woman claims that when she was a girl, she ran into something near a creek bed that she can't explain. She called it a "creek devil".

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This story comes from a woman named Carol who shared her story with a Bigfoot YouTube channel. The story begins as she was a young girl growing up near Kansas City, Missouri. She was 6 years old at the time and had not heard of what many have described as "Mo-Mo" or "Bigfoot". The only thing she was told by her parents and friends was not to go outside at night by herself.

Carol said she grew up in the outskirts of Kansas City, Missouri near the woods. There were deer everywhere and her parents had gardens, too. There were peach trees behind their home also. She said the trees grew strong thanks to underground streams which led to a nearby creek.

So what happened that made Carol believe that she saw a "Creek Devil"?

Carol went outside waiting for her family to come outside as they were getting ready to visit friends. It was then that Carol suddenly got goose bumps. She knew she was being something.

Carol didn't find any neighbors or dogs nearby looking at her which scared her more. She sensed danger. Down by the peach trees in her yard, she saw a beast that was about the same size as her. It was furry looking and didn't appear like anything she had ever seen. She tried to hide behind a tree, but whatever the beast was bearing its teeth at her.

Is this just the wild imagination of a 6-year-old who was spooked by wildlife? She's convinced after all these years it was something else entirely. Her story of the "creek devil" she saw is still being told today. It's yet another story of something strange that exists in the Missouri woods.

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