Fireworks are here, which means we have to take extra care of the four legged friends in our lives!

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I love fourth of July, you hear me talking about it on the morning show all the time, the fourth of July is all about the big "F" words, friends, family, food, fireworks, and fun! But we also have to remember as we celebrate this incredible holiday, and light up the sky with fireworks, that there are plenty of four legged family members who don't love the fireworks.

I rescued my dachshund Murphy (pictured above sleeping, isn't he adorable?!?) 5 years ago, and I got him from a great rescue organization called Dachshund Rescue of North America, and on their Facebook page I saw this incredible post about "Tips Preparing your Dog for 4th of July" in the post they say...

  • Repair broken fences now
  • Update your dogs microchips and tags
  • Talk to your vet about calming medications
  • Create a safe space for your dog
  • Use food dispensing toys
  • Get the dog plenty of exercise during the day
  • Ask your guests to keep doors and gates closed
  • Play music

I saw these tips and thought they were all so useful, so that is why I wanted to share them here! The last thing people want is to lose a dog, or to upset a dog during these celebratory days, so I feel like if you start preparing for the fireworks and the celebrations now you'll be dog safe for the fourth of July holiday weekend.

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