There is only ONE five star rated BBQ place in Hannibal on Yelp, which one do you think takes the top spot?

BBQ is readily available all across the Tir-States, there are BBQ joints in Quincy, Palmyra, and of course Hannibal. And when you ask people where they get ther best BBQ around you'll hear a bunch of different answers, well if you go to to try and figure out which BBQ joint is king in America's hometown one place is at the top of the hill.

According to reviews on there is only one five star rated (that's the highest rating you can have on Yelp 5/5) BBQ joint and that is Wayne BBQ! According to the 20 plus Yelp reviews Wayne is the place to go if you want the best of the best BBQ in Hannibal. Wayne BBQ is located at 218 N Main Street right in downtown Hannibal, and is still a young and new restaurant having only opened in the fall of 2019. Wayne BBQ is known for using Hickory wood in their smokers, and they are open Wednesday through Sunday.

During Hannibal BBQ Fest in the Summer 2019 I got to eat some of the incredible brisket from Wayne BBQ's food truck, before they had their storefront restaurant, and it was delicious, I can't recommend them highly enough. But also seeing that there aren't many 5 star rated restaurants in Hannibal on Yelp made me sad, these ratings are used a lot by tourists and travelers to the area, so if you have a great experience at a local restaurant hop on Yelp and give them a great review to help them out!

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