For 9 years, Rome and Tiffany Frericks hosted Cadan's Carnival in Quincy, in honor of their son who died of the condition in 2008. The Frericks made 2017 their last year for the fundraiser. In 2018, a similar fundraiser for the same cause will happen in Hannibal in honor of another area baby who died of the same condition.

Benefit to Breathe takes place on Saturday, Sept. 15 at the American Legion in Hannibal. This benefit is in memory of baby Judson Stewart of Monroe City, who died of CDH in 2016.

CDH stands for Congenital Diaphragmic Hernia. It's a hole in the diaphragm which causes abdominal organs to push into the chest cavity, affecting lung formation. It's often fatal and strikes one in every 2,500 babies.

Judson's story is very similar to Cadan's. They both were treated at Children's Hospital in St. Louis and placed on an ECMO (life-support) machine. Cadan died at 12 days old. Judson had surgery and died at 61 days old.

In the last ten years, the CDH survival rate has nearly doubled, yet still half the babies born with this condition will not survive past their first birthday. Children's Hospital is one of the world leaders in CDH research. Like the proceeds from Cadan's Carnival, the money from the Benefit to Breathe will go toward CDH research at Children's.

Judson was the son of Jason and Laura Stewart of Monroe City. Family and friends are organizing this second annual fundraiser at Hannibal's American Legion Hall. There will be a Kid's Carnival from 2-5. A pulled pork dinner will be served from 5-7, followed by an auction and the band Steppin; Back playing from 8-11.

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