This is one of the sad stories that is the result of the growing bear population in Missouri and their encroachment of their habitat closer to where people live. A bear cub was spotted lost in a Springfield, Missouri neighborhood. Later, the little cub was struck by a vehicle on a nearby freeway.

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The Springfield, Missouri Police Department shared this sad story on their Facebook page this week. It was a black bear cub who neighbors saw running between their homes.

The James River Freeway is a roadway that travels through the southern part of the Springfield, Missouri area. When you look at how busy this part of Springfield is, it's no wonder this bear cub didn't stand a chance of surviving.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

As we shared recently, the Missouri Department of Conservation has shared new data that shows the black bear population in Missouri is growing quickly. Habitats that now include areas near the St. Louis area are sadly becoming more common. This is one of the reasons why conservationists in the state are trying to come up with solutions to help prevent incidents like this bear cub being struck by a vehicle from happening.

The fast growth of the black bear population in Missouri colliding with civilization where human populations are is not a good combination for either.

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