It's moments like this that make me question whether the benefits of social media are worth the trouble it sometimes causes. A new viral door-kicking challenge has now arrived in Illinois with numerous reports of damaged caused by it.

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TikTok is just a platform, so it's hard to blame them for a door-kicking challenge that has been spread by users. The end result is damage to innocent people's homes as Yahoo News reported.

WCIA News shared video reporting that the door-kicking is happening now in Champaign.

The "Kick Door Challenge" videos on TikTok now show over 4.9 million views. It looks like this ridiculous trend may have started on the west coast making its way eastward and becoming such a problem with property damage that it's even been covered by Newsweek.

I have not seen any local reports at this point, but it's now in Illinois so good to watch out for any suspicious activity like this and report it to authorities.

To quote one of my favorite old-school Saturday Night Live characters Father Guido Sarducci, "it's always a something".

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