Dogs and mailmen are sometimes natural-born enemies. Need more proof of that? A Barry, Illinois doorbell cam shows the moment a dog shattered a front door when he saw the mailman. Boom.

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According to the video description, this happened on January 6, 2023 in Barry, Illinois. Here's how the homeowner described what you're about to see. It's worth mentioning their dog is a Great Dane (aka "a very big dog"):

Our Great Dane doesn't know his size. He was protecting us from the mailman and couldn't stop in time before smashing through our full glass front door. The mailman was thankfully walking away when the crash happened, but I am sure it gave him a heart attack. Our too-big-for-his-own-good dog then ran right to his kennel. He was unharmed, thankfully, but we had to drop $500 on a new door. We love our loveable hand licking giant. You can hear me yell at my husband to call the glass company and our kids screaming.

The doorbell cam shows the mailman'll see him slip the letters into the mailbox. In other words, he's doing his mailman job. Shortly after you'll hear the dog slam into the front door. Make sure your sound is turned up, but note that you will hear yelling after that.

Why do I suddenly hear that commercial in my head? "We cover a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two." This would be that thing or two...the Barry, Illinois version.

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