I drove across the Bayview Bridge in Quincy last Sunday and as I did I couldn't help but notice the numerous Bald Eagles that were perched on the icebergs in the river and in the trees along the river.  All chomping at the "beak" to secure their next meal of fish. Is it me or are you also seeing more of these fabulous birds this year?  Usually the best spot to watch them is at the Lock and Dam 21 in Quincy because there is open water to catch the fish there. This year there seems to be quite a few open patches up the river from the Lock and Dam that these majestic birds are finding to their liking.

With that said, there are a few eagle watching events coming up in the area with the first one being the 30th annual Bald Eagle Appreciation Days in Keokuk on January 18 and 19 on the riverfront and in the River City Mall.

On January 25 and 26 the Great River Eagle Days will be held in Quincy with two different events scheduled. The eagle viewing will take place free of charge at the Lock and Dam 21 site both days. At the Oakley Lindsay Center various indoor activities and displays will be available both days at a cost of $3 for anyone 12 and older.

When you watch these beautiful birds, one has to wonder what Ben Franklin was thinking when he suggested the turkey be our national bird instead of the Bald Eagle.


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