There are a lot of road hazards in our part of America. One you don't ever want to be in that category are bald eagles, but that's exactly what happened in Missouri today. Fortunately, Missouri State Troopers were able to save the bird.

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The Missouri State Highway Patrol shared these inspiring pictures on Facebook today. It was a bald eagle that was hit by a vehicle in Cape County, but they were able to rescue the bird and expect him to make a full recovery.

As we've shared before, there are numerous great locations in Missouri to watch bald eagles especially this time of year. You don't normally encounter them on a roadway though.

The only big eagles like this that I've seen on highways were the ones who were trying to take over roadkill, but it's still not common. I did have one close call in 172 between Missouri and Illinois once when I saw something on the roadway, but didn't realize it was an eagle until it took flight a few seconds before I drove over its location.

The American Eagle Foundation has a list of numerous rehab centers for injured birds like this bald eagle. Great that one of our national birds who's been injured will be able to take to the skies again soon.

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