I would love 5 minutes alone with all the scammers of the world. I get so many spam calls on my phone every single day. If you live in Missouri, there are 5 area codes in particular that you should absolutely never answer.

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Kudos to one of my radio brothers in Rockford who found this. It's a warning from a website called Social Catfish. There are 5 specific area codes that have been directly connected with proven fraud. If you see these 3 numbers for any incoming call, do not answer...or else.

268 Area Code - This area code is connected to Antigua and Barbuda. You can expect an attempt to steal from you if you dare say "hello".

876 Area Code - This is Jamaica as in a Jamaican prince has $500,000 to deposit in your bank if you'll only give them your account number. Don't.

473 Area Code - This is the area code you'd have if you lived in Grenada. Expect to have relentless calls about your vehicle's extended warranty from these people.

649 Area Code - If you were sunning yourself in the Turks and Caicos Islands, this would be your area code. It also happens to be the origination of all kinds of scam efforts sadly, too.

284 Area Code - This is the home of the British Virgin Islands and just about every slimeball behind a laptop who's trying to rob you.

I have had aunts and uncles who have been contacted by someone pretending to be from Microsoft saying they have a computer problem and it will only cost $$$ to fix it. Breaking News - they didn't work for Microsoft.

What's the problem with just answering the phone?

For many scammers, they use bots to call an unending list of phone numbers. When someone answers, that will sometimes tag your number as one that has a human attached to it...plus a human that answers. You don't want that kind of misery. These losers do not abide by no-call lists either.

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