Articles of impeachment were presented against a member of the Hannibal City Council Tuesday night.

Mayor James Hark announced that impeachment proceedings would move forward against Third Ward Alderman Stephan Franke.

Franke is alleged to have physically assaulted City Clerk Angel Zerbonia, City Manager Lisa Peck and former city employee Edie Graupman, subjecting the three to a hostile work environment.

An impeachment hearing was set for March 1st in city council chambers. However, it was announced that date would change because of scheduling conflicts for two members of the council.

It was also announced a special prosecutor would be hired to preside over hearing. City Attorney James Lemon told the council he was representing Franke on an unrelated matter and he is not allowed to prosecute someone and represent them in another matter.

Franke was not in attendance at Tuesday night's council meeting. City ordinance states that once Articles of Impeachment are served, the person's official capacity and duties are suspended until the hearing.

In other business, the council approved the appointment of Ryan Neisen as Hannibal’s next Fire Chief, replacing Mike Benjamin, who is retiring at the end of the week.

Benjamin has been a member of the Hannibal Fire Department since 1989.

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