I was driving home the other day and realized I did not slow down through the school zone I was going through. I was driving the usual 30 miles-per-hour speed for the city. I wondered if I am supposed to slow down even with schools closed for the summer? The answer is yes!

Just because graduation was held last Friday doesn’t mean that when you travel through a school zone you no longer have to slow down. Even though regular school is out for the summer, there are summer school classes going on at three different schools in Quincy. So those 20 miles-per-hour school zones are still in effect.

The three schools holding summer classes are Lincoln Douglas, Junior High and Senior High Schools. The summer sessions will run the entire month of June and will end on June 29th.  So remember, even if it is summer vacation time for most students, it is not for all students and those school safety zones still require you drive at 20 miles-per-hour or less.

Drivers are asked to drive carefully at slow speeds in schools zones even if you don’t see children. Many times children are present, but are not seen by motorists because of obstructions such as moving traffic, parked cars, and trees. It is the children that you don’t see that are at risk the most.

By the way, if caught exceeding the safety speed limit, the fines are significant.

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