Last Sunday I was driving home from Peoria as the sun was setting. The drive was easy and the sky was putting on a colorful display with each driving minute. Eventually, the sky went from pastel colors to just darkness. All along the route I, especially this time of year, kept a vigilant eye on the road ahead fearful that Bambi and her friends might just jump out to say hello. I am really aware of the possibility of that happening since I actually experienced slamming into several deer with my vehicle a few years ago on that same highway between Carthage and Macomb. It was a two-lane highway then and it is now a four-lane viaduct now.

While driving at night, I utilize my bright lights to illuminate the highway as much as possible to give me more reaction time in the event I encounter deer ahead. But often times, drivers on the other side of the highway flash their lights to ask me to dim my lights. I can see the request from those drivers on a two-lane highway, but on a four-lane highway? Seriously, am I really "blinding" you?

I find it hard to believe I am having that much of effect on those drivers who are clear across the median. It is my belief that it is far better for me to use my bright lights under those circumstances (deer crossing areas).

When I come upon someone on a four-lane highway driving the other way with bright lights on, I have no problem with it. Oh, I notice them being on, but it has no bearing on my driving.

I am writing this to get your opinion on this topic. Are you with me on this or am I out of line?

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