This is becoming an alarmingly regular occurrence. Yet another mountain lion has been spotted in Missouri making it the 11th big cat sighting already in 2023.

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This is not just a rumor, by the way. This is a mountain lion sighting confirmed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. This is the report shared directly by the state that has just been added to their mountain lion database although the sighting apparently happened back on April 7, 2023 in Dallas County, Missouri.

Missouri Department of Conservation
Missouri Department of Conservation

In case you can't read their small print, the Missouri Department of Conservation says this was a photo taken of a mountain lion in Dallas County, Missouri by a game camera. The state officials investigated the photo and also confirmed the sighting possibly by investigating tracks in the area.

This is the 11th confirmed mountain lion sighting in Missouri since the start of 2023 with other big cats being spotted in Boone, Franklin, Reynolds and Montgomery counties, just to name a few.

You can see the confirmed mountain lion/cougar sightings on the Missouri Department of Conservation website for yourself. It's a list that's being added to regularly as these big cats are becoming more prominent in the Show Me State woods.

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