I realize it may be awkward to try and talk to a street intersection, but awkward has never stopped me in the past and isn't about to stop me now. I have some thoughts for 36th and Broadway in Quincy.

I want to be clear that I understand that you're just pavement and not a real person. This is probably more directed at the drivers who have to pass by and through 36th and Broadway every day. I am one of those "fortunate" people.

36th and Broadway, you are probably responsible more than any other thoroughfare in America for making my life flash before my eyes. I have lost track of how many times I've crossed the middle of the intersection only to see another vehicle ignore whatever stop signal was up for the other way and nearly T-bone me. I've never been involved in any serious accidents, but others have not been so fortunate.

The main villains that I've dealt with, 36th and Broadway, are the vehicles traveling south on 36th. I've seen cars and trucks flying that direction like they think they're Evel Knievel picking up speed to attempt a big jump. Spoiler Alert: you're not.

It's not like drivers heading east or west are completely innocent either. Maybe it's the small hill on Broadway for vehicles heading east that inspires unneeded acceleration and risk taking.

I will raise my hand and admit that my behavior has not been perfect at 36th and Broadway either. But, I do consciously try to approach it with fear and trembling since I've witnessed way too many serious accidents over the years.

What could make you better, 36th and Broadway? I don't have a genius solution. I just wonder if fewer people would approach it with reckless abandon that maybe you would lose some of your bad reputation?

Will it happen? Likely not, but I can dream.

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