This is a day to rejoice for us Yuengling beer fans in the Midwest! Yeungling, which has historically been an exclusive East Coast beer is going to be expanding to Missouri and other Midwest states, find out all the details right here...

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According to, Yuengling is officially expanding into Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. If you have no idea what Yuengling is, it is the oldest brewery in America debuting 193 years ago in Pennsylvania. And historically Yuengling has always stayed exclusively on the East Coast, but after expanding to Texas a couple of years ago they are now adding Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, on the site they say...

"The expansion is part of a joint-venture between D.G. Yuengling & Son Inc. and Molson Coors Beverage Company designed to expand the 193-year-old Pennsylvania brewery’s distribution to 25 states west of the Mississippi River...Under the expansion, the three states will receive all Yuengling beers brewed at Molson Coors’ Fort Worth brewery, including its flagship Traditional Lager, Light Lager 99, Golden Pilsner and FLIGHT."

To read more about the expansion of Yuengling just click here!

I discovered Yuengling in my early twenties on a trip to Florida with my dad and brothers, my older brother told me all about it being the oldest brewery in the US and exclusively selling on the East Coast. While I am sad for the rest of my people here in the Land of Lincoln that we haven't gotten out hands-on Yuengling yet, it is available in Indiana and now Missouri, so it looks like Ill be crossing the river from Quincy to Missouri to start buying my beer when I get my gas.

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