The episode tonight places the judges of ‘America’s Got Talent‘ in Austin, Texas. With festivals like SXSW and Fantastic Fest in this town, we figure there’s at least a few of the Austin townfolk who must be pretty talented. At least we hope so…

At this point Sharon Osborne, Howie Mandell and Howard Stern have seen the best and the worst talents they could find in five cities. But just because they hit the some of the biggest cities in the United States doesn’t mean they’ve already found their next big star. For all we know, he or she could be here in Austin.

Ten-year-old Sebastian de la Cruz is up first, introducing his Mariachi group. Don’t let his cute looks deceive you, because underneath that sombrero he’s got one powerful voice. Howard Stern can’t even help but laugh with joy over how amazing the young boy is. They start off the show, everybody gives them a rousing round of applause. Is it just us or is Sharon not really into it all? She didn’t have the happiest look on her face throughout this little boy’s segment.

Since we’re technically in the midwest here, it’s not surprising to see a few cowboys on the stage. It’s just a real shame that they don’t have any form of talent. Then there’s another sideshow act that fails to impress. But thankfully there’s a couple of epic acrobats, called the Bandbaz Brothers, that strut their balancing stuff in front of the judges.

Timothy Poe, a man from San Antonio, hopes to impress the judges despite his disability. His inspirational story includes his struggle with his disability after being severely injured while fighting the war in Afghanistan. Though he has this, he still manages to wow the crowd with his impressive singing. Howie agrees with them all, saying that “everything about you is amazing. You, sir, are a phenomenal talent.” Thankfully his segment ends happily; he’s going to Vegas.

Who else is able to advance to the next round? There’s two that move on. One of them is contortionists twins whose flexibility looks like it hurts a lot but they pull it off effortlessly. Of course Howie comes off as a complete pervert when he says through a sly smile “I speak for all of the guys when I say yes!” Then there’s Idan, a cute little boy with a nice voice and an equal amount of talent behind the piano as well.

Now we move onto Lula, a dancer/mom who’s had a constant passion for it ever since she was young. She wants to be able to “wow the judges” and she already does between her two-piece bathing suit and her pole dancing that ends with her doing the splits. Unfortunately none of them think that it’s a million dollar act, though Sharon thinks she’s got guts for pulling off the stunt. Of course Nick “The Showoff” Cannon decides that the best thing to do is to show how he can pole dance, which involves him wearing a duct tape bikini top. That’s going to hurt when he takes it off later.

Howard Stern is really looking forward to see who else will appear on stage. There’s Joe Castillo, a unique storyteller who uses sand and light in order to tell his tales along with the help of music. “That’s a very original, wonderful, patriotic piece of work.” It certainly is, and it’s enough to convince the judges to bring him to Vegas.

Now they’ve been hinting at us seeing this man who shoots out of a cannon ever since the beginning of the show. Why’s the reason we all remember it? Because the clip usually ends with a paramedic truck quickly speeding onto the scene. Here we are, finally introduced to David “The Bullet” Smith and his human cannonball act. He’s broken many bones before with this act but he’s still not afraid of going out there and performing time and time again. The judges are somewhat hesitant to witness the act but they’re still willing to go outside and see it for themselves. Fortunately for “The Bullet,” he’s going to Vegas.

‘America’s Got Talent’ comes back on the air tomorrow night at 8/7 Central where we see the judges return for a second dose of what Austin, Texas has to offer.

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