Ready or not St. Louis, here comes ‘America’s Got Talent.’ In this episode they visit the industrial city to figure out who else is worthy enough to make it to the next round. By the way, is it just us or does Nick Cannon always wear that outfit?

Let us begin with Tom Bonham, a puppeteer who has a little teddy bear on his shoulder. Yes, the designs on the puppets are unique but his whole act is only impressive to preschoolers. “It was atrocious but I loved it,” says Howie. Yes, you definitely were the only one who loved it, because the audience, Sharon and Howard couldn’t stand it.

Bad acts time! First we get Lea And The Band in which the band is “supposedly” not there. After her performance is abruptly stopped she reveals that she’s a drummer and a singer, but she’s not very good at either. Then we see a girl who can breaks soda cans with her hands. a man dressed up as a chicken with no dance moves and a cowboy who does lame rope tricks. It’s a blessing that none of these people make it to the next round.

World, meet Isaac Brown. He’s a kid not only can sing and dance well but has an adorable personality to boot. He sings his sweet rendition of a Jackson 5 song which wows over everyone in the auditorium. “Very few people have star quality, and you have it,” says Sharon. Yes he certainly does.

Now there’s Spencer Horsman, the world’s youngest escape artist. He does a death-defying stunt, but is it able to impress anyone in the audience? Oh yeah, he’s able to impress, barely escaping by the hairs of his chin. He’s in for the next round.

Uh oh, now we have a guy dressed up as Ozzy Osborne. He calls himself “Little Ozzy”. He’s a singer and decides to perform “Mama I’m Coming Home,” a song that hits close to home for Sharon since he wrote this for her, but nobody in the audience is impressed. Sharon loves it because it makes her think of Ozzy, but she still votes no.

Who’s ready for not just any freakshow, but one done by the group Cut Throat Freak Show and Eric Odditorium Sideshow Act? The act is exactly like you think it’ll be: Amazing but uncomfortable to watch at the same time. The female in the group stands on top of broken glass, then a man decides to lift up a chair with his eyelids. We’re not kidding, as you can see for yourself in the video below. And by the way, these guys are going to Vegas. One of the main reasons has to be due to their personalities (on top of their crazy act).

Who’s super happy and is wearing a flannel shirt? Ron, that’s who. He aspires to one day do the movie voice-overs in film trailers but doesn’t manage to get a yes from any of the judges. He’s a little heartbroken but at least he got the chance to hang out with Nick Cannon backstage afterwards and announce the next contestant over the speakers, something that makes him giddy with excitement.

Last we have Curtis Cutts Bey, a singer who isn’t really all that great. Obviously he didn’t expect to be eliminated right off the bat and is on the verge of tears. Thankfully, Nick Cannon and Ron jump on stage and give him proper accompaniment.

What other amazing or bizarre acts might we encounter in the next city? Who knows, but we’re looking forward to seeing them all in next week’s episodes of ‘America’s Got Talent.’

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