Last Friday, very expectantly, the riverboat "America" made an docking here in Quincy. It was to dock in Hannibal but due to high water on the Mississippi River it could not clear the flooring of the Hannibal Railroad Bridge and had to change plans and dock at Clat Adams Park. Ironically, The America could only dock in Quincy because of the high water here. Since it's docking, the riverfront in Quincy has attracted hundreds of curious spectators to view the paddle-wheel vessel.

It is funny how things happen and when they happen. The City of Quincy's future strategic plan has a section devoted to the enhancement of the Quincy Riverfront and the city got a taste of just what that might look like with the America's landing last weekend.

The hope is the City will be able to build a pier that will be a dock so other river cruise boats will make Quincy a stopping point as they navigate up and down the Mississippi River. With hundreds of people on board these vessels, to have them stop and visit our city will obviously be a shot in the arm for our economy.

Hannibal learned this economic lesson years ago. It's time Quincy does the same.

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