Do you think you have something rare of value that could be of interest to American Pickers? How do you feel about being on TV? If you can answer yes to both of those questions, this summer could be your opportunity to get famous because the show is coming to Illinois and they're looking for valuables.

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Well done to the Daily Journal in Kankakee for this catch. It's a report based off of press releases by the city of Kankakee apparently with news that History Channel's American Pickers is headed toward the Land of Lincoln.

According to the show's official Facebook page, American Pickers will be filming in Illinois in July.

So what if I've got valuable stuff and think I'd look good on TV?

The report says there are a few ways you can let the American Pickers know you're interested. You can either email them or call 646-493-2184. You can also check out the History Channel's website for more details on letting them know you're American Pickers material.

Who knows? Just maybe this is the summer you get famous on American Pickers. Good luck.

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