Winter can cause havoc on the roads for drivers, but you never will believe what cold temps can do to river dams.

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The Kankakee River in Illinois is an amazing site right now. The river (next to Wilmington) is covered with "ice dams," they are also known as ice jams.

An ice jam, or ice dam, happens when chunks of ice clump together to block the flow of a river. Ice jams are caused by melting snow and ice in the springtime. Ice jams can form almost anywhere that has winters cold enough for rivers to freeze—such as areas in the Northeast, the Midwest and Alaska.

The scene from the Kankakee River is a sight to see. Large pieces of ice are taking over the rover and causing flooding throughout the area. According to Fox 32 Chicago, homeowners had to evacuate (but have returned) due to the flooding caused by the ice jam. Mounds and mounds of ice could be seen for miles on the river, and as scary as it must be the view from the sky is pretty amazing.

You would think that if people lived by some sort of water that they would not have to worry about flooding in the winter, but it can happen. Never walk on these ice jams they are not secure and you could fall into the water, they are interesting to observe from far away.

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