Driving into work this morning, I notice that most drivers forget how to drive in icy conditions. Here are a few driving tips to remember just before the big winter storm this weekend.

1) Accelerate slow and decelerate slowly, your destination is not going anywhere, take your time.

2) Don't Power Up Hills. With the extra gas applied your wheels could start spinning on the ice and snow.

3) Know your brakes and car. I know my car does not do well on ice and snow and that I had to slowly apply my brakes, just know your car.

4) Don't stop if you can avoid it. if you can slow down enough and SLOWLY keep rolling through the stop light.

5) STAY HOME. It's simple if the weather is bad, your car doesn't due well in winter weather and you have no where to so, JUST STAY HOME!

You can find these and other safe winter driving tips at www.exchange.aaa.com. Today get all your groceries, movies, games, and anything else you need to get you and your family through this weekend, and enjoy your time at home.

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