I am suspicious of robots. I wonder what information they have that I don't that causes them to warn me about seemingly innocent things. That's why I was a bit alarmed when artificial intelligence began warning me about staying away from certain popular Missouri lakes over the 4th of July weekend. What do the robots know that we don't?

For the record, I make up my own mind when it comes to what I do or don't do in Missouri. I've lived in the Show Me State long enough to make at least somewhat educated decisions. However, I am a fan of new technology and decided to ask artificial intelligence questions about Missouri lakes specifically. Here's what ChatGPT says are Missouri lakes to stay away from over the holiday weekend.

Lake of the Ozarks

Not really a surprise here as Lake of the Ozarks is often mentioned as the single most dangerous lake in America and not just Missouri. The fact that it's also by far the most popular 4th of July destination adds to that warning.

Upper Big Lake

When I asked the robot why Upper Big Lake near Charleston, Missouri was to be avoided, it responded with one cryptic word: HAUNTED.

Mark Twain Lake

Practically in my backyard, Mark Twain Lake was on the avoid list according to artificial intelligence with a warning to watch for debris due to high water levels. That has been an issue in the past, but now?

Table Rock Lake

Another popular Missouri lake that the robots are afraid of. When I asked why, artificial intelligence just said "SNAKES".

Lake Wappapello

Artificial intelligence was quick to remind me that this is the one Missouri lake where alligators have been captured. Wait. GATORS?

Bull Shoals Lake

I argued with the robot on this one. Why is Bull Shoals Lake to be avoided? Artificial intelligence warned about the danger of E. Coli in the water. I didn't see any current advisories, so what does the robot know that I don't?

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