I've heard it said that perception is reality. That's not true because I had a perception that some actresses were from Missouri and have learned many aren't. I've also discovered many famous actresses that are from the Show Me State that I never thought would be the case.

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I'll give you an example of how I was wrong. I have always thought of Jenna Fischer of The Office fame as a St. Louisan. She is, but I learned she wasn't born there or anywhere in Missouri. She's from Indiana. (*sad face*)

Stacker just shared a comprehensive list of actresses that were born in Missouri. I highly recommend checking out their complete list, but here are a few that caught my eye.

1. Kathleen Turner - Born in Springfield, Missouri 6/19/1954

2. Doris Roberts - Born in St. Louis, Missouri 11/4/1925

3. Linda Blair - Born in St. Louis, Missouri 1/22/1959

4. Betty Lynn - Born in Kansas City, Missouri 8/29/1926

Honorable mention goes to Marianne Muellerleile who played the "wrong" Sarah Connor in the first Terminator movie. (meaning The Terminator zonked her)

The full Stacker list if full of gems like this. Lots of ladies who acted in TV and film who began their lives within the boundaries of Missouri.

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