Teachers really don't get the credit they deserve. I mean, they mold the minds of young children to become the teachers, business leaders, politicians, doctors, and even radio broadcasters of tomorrow. So I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the teachers who influenced me during my childhood.

Growing up in the 90s in Canton, the marching band was (and still is) the coolest thing to do in high school. So thank you to my band teacher, Mr. Berry, who inspired me to play the clarinet and taught his students how fun music can really be (side note: he also designed the famous "turn" for which the Canton marching band is known). After he retired, Mr. Saul took over and took the band in a new direction. Under his leadership, we won awards, marched in parades, and managed to raise enough funds to purchase new (desperately needed) band uniforms. So thank you so these two men who taught me to love of all types of music and for inspiring me to stay in the music field throughout my career.

Another teacher who undeniably impacted my life is Mrs. Howe. I can't begin to thank Mrs. Howe for all she did for me. All these years later, she always makes a point to ask me how I'm doing and how my girls are doing. She loves all of her students, and I can't speak for everyone but I know my classmates and I were not always the easiest to teach. We got away with a lot in Mrs. Howe's home economics class, but we did learn a thing or two as well. She taught us to sew and how to cook (although I may need a refresher course on that). So thank you, Mrs. Howe, for giving all of your students an opportunity to be creative in our own way.

And thank you to all of the teachers out there for your leadership and compassion in developing the young minds of our world's future leaders.

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