I know it is the dead of winter BUT if you are craving a frozen treat the number one place in the USA is apparently located right here in the Show-Me State of Missouri!

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According to the website, attractionsofamerica.com Ted Drewes Frozen Custard in St. Louis Missouri is the Best Place in the USA to eat frozen custard. A list was created by attractionsofamerica.com called 10 Best Places for Frozen Custard, Ted Drewes came in first followed by Hanks Frozen Custard in Pennsylvania, Leon's Frozen Custard in Milwaukee, Kill Devil's Frozen Custard in North Carolina, and Maple Shade Custard Stand in New Jersey rounding out the top 5. When talking about Ted Drewes the list says...

"Their frozen custard is compared to the sword of King Arthur; once you put in a spoon, only King Arthur himself can remove it. It has a heap of flavors, including toppings like Cherry. Those of you who covet the genuine custard ought to come here for a heavenly Frozen Custard."

To see the full list for yourself click here! 

Now I know Ted Drewes takes top billing BUT for our listeners on the Illinois side of the river there are 2 spots in the top ten on the list taken up by custard stands in Illinois, the first being Greg's Frozen Custard in Mundelein, IL coming in at 6th place on the list (that is in suburban Chicago almost a 5-hour drive away). And coming in 8th place on the list is Bobby's Frozen Custard Inc. in Maryville, IL (which is just northeast of St. Louis by about 20 mins). Honestly, I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can have an excuse to go to Ted Drewes and Bobby's and give them both a try!

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