If you have given up chocolate for Lent this year, please do not read the following. This is a chocolate lover's dream come true. The 8th Annual Chocolate Extravaganza is set for March 10th in Historic Downtown Hannibal. It's an entire day to enjoy the sweet, savory flavor we all have come to love and crave.

Make sure you get your chocolate passport before they are sold out. Passports include five passport tickets to exclusive treats from most downtown businesses. There will also be special coupons and discounts for chocolate passport holders.

Tickets can be redeemed for classic sweets and treats, chocolate paraffin, chocolate themed items and more.

Unlike years past, 2018 will offer a passport with ten tickets or twenty tickets that can be purchased for an additional fee. Passports are now available to purchased at select downtown stores or you can by them online at historichannibalmo.com.

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