Nothing beats a good sandwich. And if you are a sandwich lover (like myself) then there is a city in Missouri you gotta spend some time in. A list of the Best Cities for Sandwich Lovers was created and a city in the Show-Me State is right near the top of the list.

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According to a list from the website called, St. Louis is the 4th best city in the Us for sandwich lovers. St. Louis ranks only behind New York at number 1, followed by New Orleans, Washington D.C., St. Louis, and San Fransisco rounding out the top 5. What about St. Louis makes it a mecca for people who love sandwiches? On the site they say...

"Panera Bread traces its roots to St. Louis (No. 4), but that’s not the only reason it’s a top city for sandwich lovers. St. Louis still serves up Quality (No. 5) lunches, including its signature St. Paul sandwich and fried brain sandwich."

The site goes on to make suggestions about where to get a great sandwich in St. Louis...

"Visit Mai Lee, where you can pick one of five varieties of the St. Paul sandwich. Schottzie’s Bar and Grill still cooks up the signature brain sandwich, and locals love Gioia’s Deli for hot salami subs."

For what it is worth to us here in the Tri-State area, Kansas City comes in at 29th on the list and Chicago wayyy down the list at 35th, to see the complete list of best cities for sandwich loves just click here!

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