This young man has recorded  a 4.7 clocking in the 40 yard dash. Armed with that information, the University of Mississippi and the University of Alabama have both made a scholarship offer to the youngster who will enter the 8th grade when school resumes this fall.

Are you shaking your head like I am right now? It's one thing to keep this kid on the football recruiting radar, but to actually offer him a scholarship before he even enters the 8th grade?  This is not the first collegiate scholarship offered to a young person in the 7th and 8th grade either. There have been others before Jaheim Oatis. I didn't agree with it then and i don't agree with it now.

There are millions of dollars involved in winning college football games on Saturday afternoons so planning 5 or 6 years out is commonplace. My how money talks. Like it or not, dipping into the junior high ranks is something that is here to stay.

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