The Miss Quincy Scholarship Program is gearing up for its 2020 competition on January 4, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at Quincy Community Theatre. Seven young women will compete for the opportunity to become Miss Quincy, earn a college scholarship and represent the community at the Miss Illinois competition in June. Candidates for Miss Quincy will compete in the areas of interview, talent, evening gown, social impact statement, and on-stage question. Four young women are vying for the title of Miss Quincy’s Outstanding Teen, a preliminary competition to Miss Illinois’ Outstanding Teen. The teen contestants will compete in the areas of interview, lifestyle and fitness in active wear, talent, evening gown, and on-stage question.

Miss Quincy Jessica Fox and Miss Quincy’s Outstanding Teen McKenna Merritt will be crowning the new titleholders after a successful year representing Quincy at community events and the Miss Illinois competition.

Thirteen princesses will take the stage in a dynamic, fun-filled, non-competitive program. The Princess Mentoring Program offers young girls the opportunity to improve upon skills that promote self-confidence and poise. They will perform in the opening number at the competition, and walk the stage in a beautiful gown of their choosing. Each princess will receive a crown and sash.


Miss Quincy Candidates:

#1 Madison Funke

Age: 18

Parents: Rob Funke and Hedy Ackman

Social Impact Initiative: Surviving the Mean Screen

Talent: Dance

College: Spoon River College

#2 Grace Geschwandner

Age: 18

Parents: Lori Geschwander and the late Tom Geschwandner

Social Impact Initiative: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Talent: Vocal

College: John Wood Community College

#3 Darlene Steinkamp

Age: 23

Parents: Jason Steinkamp

Social Impact Initiative: Removing the Stigma from Mental Illness

Talent: Speech

College: University of Illinois Chicago

#4 Crystal Middendorf

Age: 19

Parents: Joe and Julie Middendorf

Social Impact Initiative: Don’t Even Think About It: Suicide Prevention

Talent: Lyrical Dance

College: Quincy University

#5 Emma Hildebrand

Age: 21

Parents: Philip and Lori Hildebrand

Social Impact Initiative: Empower the People: Civic Education for All

Talent: Vocal

College: Monmouth College

#6 Madison Baker

Age: 19

Parents: Mike and Andrea Baker

Social Impact Initiative: Impacting One Person at a Time

Talent: Stand Up Comedy

College: MacMurray College

#7 Ali Nicole Browning

Age: 21

Parents: Robert Browning and the late Susan Browning

Social Impact Initiative: Arts 4 All

Talent: Vocal

College: John Wood Community College


Miss Quincy’s Outstanding Teen candidates:

#1 Alexis Lucie

Age: 13

Parents: Charles and Tammy Lucie

Social Impact Initiative: 4-H For Life

Talent: Tap Dance

School: Nauvoo Colusa Junior High School

#2 Morgan Widmer

Age: 15

Parents: Mike and Trudy Willis; Shane and Michelle Widmer

Social Impact Initiative: Just Dance!

Talent: Jazz Dance

School: Quincy Senior High School

#3 Madeline Miller

Age: 16

Parents: Bethany Nannen and Jason Moles; Allison Miller; Dustin Miller

Social Impact Initiative: Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Talent: Ballet

School: Quincy Notre Dame High School

#4 Shelby Rose

Age: 16

Parents: Mark and Melissa Rose

Social Impact Initiative: Fostering Hope

Talent: Contemporary Dance

School: Quincy Senior High School


Princess Participants:

#1 Samantha White

Age: 9

Parents: Steve and Stacy White

Liberty Elementary School

#2 Kylee Adams

Age: 5

Parents: Mason and Mercedes Adams

St. Francis School

#3 Lyndale Weatherford

Age: 10

Parents: Diana Weatherford and Cory Miller

Billy and Catelynn Weatherford

Dr. Abbey Rooney Fox Elementary School

#4 Lindyn Lair

Age: 5

Parents: Ian and Brittney Lair

Lincoln-Douglas Elementary School

#5 Kinzley Ehrhardt

Age: 8

Parents: Jon and Ashley Ehrhardt

Camp Point Central Middle School

#6 Raelynn Weatherford

Age: 6

Parents: Diana Weatherford and Cory Miller

Billy and Catelynn Weatherford

Dr. Abbey Fox Rooney Elementary School

#7 Etana Lilako

Age: 7

Parents: Tiffany Kyer and Eddie Lilako

Iles Elementary School

#8 Adley Blickhan

Age: 8

Parents: Sean and Neely Blickhan

St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School

#9 Cailen Jenkins

Age: 8

Parents: Josh and Robin Palmer

Denman Elementary School

#10 Evelyn Ginos

Age: 7

Parents: Alex and Julie Ginos

Denman Elementary School

#11 Makyah Liesen

Age: 7

Parents: Jeremiah and Allison Liesen

Dr. Abbey Rooney Fox Elementary School

#12 Allyssa Brentlinger

Age: 10

Parents: Jason and Tera Brentlinger

Palmyra Middle School

#13 Avril Ginos

Age: 5

Parents: Alex and Julie Ginos

The Crossing Preschool and QAVTC Preschool


Matt Schmidt will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the evening which is presented by Gully Transportation.. Tickets for the competition can be purchased for $15 each at Emerald City Jewelers.  The Executive Director of the Miss Quincy Scholarship Program is Lindsey Hess.

The Miss Quincy Scholarship Program is a preliminary competition to Miss Illinois and Miss America. The Miss America Organization is the world’s largest scholarship provider for young women, awarding over 45 million dollars in scholarship dollars each year.


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