Cold weather is here are temps are going to get extremely low, now's the time to prepare your animals for the cold weather.

My Max LOVES the snow when I let him outside, but I always make sure that he's only outside, Daisy however HATES the snow and cold weather. If you leave your pets outside, it is recommended to at least put them in a garage or somewhere warmer during these cold winter days.

Here are some tips on keeping your four-legged friends warm during these cold days.

Keep Pets Sheltered - this one is a no brainer. If you have any outdoor pets (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) make sure that they are sheltered and staying warm. The Humane Society website says,

Under no circumstances should pet cats be left outdoors, even if they roam outside during other seasons.

Bundle Up, Wipe Down - If you use salt where your pets walk to go outside, makes sure you wipe down their paws when they come in. Salt or other chemicals that are used to break up snow and ice can get stuck in their paws and when they lick their paws they can ingest the chemicals. Also, bundle them up, get a cute sweater for your pets. I always make sure when my pups come in to take a towel and just wipe off their paws. Two reasons so they don't' eat chemicals, and to keep my carpets clean.

Remove Common Poisons - If you bring your pets into the garage, make sure that chemicals that they can reach are moved to an area where they can't reach. The last thing you need to your pet drinking a poison, and getting sick or even worse dying.

Protect Outdoor Animals - Try to make shelters for both cats and dogs. Be careful if you have outdoor cats and you put them in the garage, they can crawl up in the engine and small areas of the car without you knowing it. To avoid this make some noise, like banging on your car to see if any cats have crawled in the hood or anywhere else.

Speak Out - If you see an animal in a neighbors yard not protected call someone. Animals are living things the deserve to be treated just like you would a human being. If you come into an animals being mistreated or neglected please speak out so that animals can have a chance to get a family that will take care of it.

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