Eight dogs at the Quincy Humane Society are looking for fur-ever homes. What makes these pups more interesting is that collectively they have been at the humane society for over 1,000 days.

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Getting a new dog is a BIG responsibility, so make sure that if you are ready to take on that responsibility and that it's a good fit for both you and the pup. There are several dogs and cats waiting to be adopted right now at the Quincy Humane Society, and eight dogs have been there for a while. Meet the eight dogs looking for their fur-ever home.

8 Dogs Waiting to Be Adopted at the Quincy Humane Society

The humane society has great room for you to "get to know each other" and make sure it's the right fit. If you think Hank might be that dog for you, fill out an adoption form online or call the Quincy Humane Society at 217-223-8786.

I also recommend volunteering at the humane society, going through the process you don't release how much the organization needs help, even with just 20-minutes of folding laundry and playing, everything little bit counts.

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