Quincy is known for its beautiful architecture and scenery, but did you know that these five places are actually on the National Register of Historical Places?

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    John Wood Mansion

    Out on the registry in 1970, this mansion is truly the spirit of Quincy. If you've never seen the mansion on Christmas time, your missing out. It's decorated so beautiful.

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    Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building

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    Richard F. Newcomb House

    Now known as the Quincy Museum, this house (yes this used to be a house), was owned by the founder of the Quincy Paper Company. I wonder if they did business with the Scranton Branch?

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    Robert W. Gardner House

    Known for its woodwork throughout the house and walnut staircase, this house was put on the registry in 1979. The owner of the home was known for developing the steam governor, used in steam engines. You probably drive by this house all time. It's located at 613 Broadway in Quincy.

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    Woodland Cemetery

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