It's one of the most notorious unsolved mysteries in the sate of Missouri. Nearly 40 years later, the case of "Little Jane Doe" continues to perplex investigators who are trying to track down the person that took the life of a young girl who remains unidentified.

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This case on the FBI Most Wanted website tells the story of a little girl who was found on February 28, 1983 in an abandoned house in St. Louis. The scene that police discovered was horrific. Here are the facts that are known now:

  • A young girl between 8 and 11 years old had been decapitated
  • She had been in the basement of the abandoned house 4 days
  • She had two coats of red and purple fingernail polish on her hands

She was also found wearing this sweater as shown on the FBI website.

This case remains a mystery. The FBI does not know the identify of the littler girl or her killer. The investigators suspect that this girl may not have originally been from St. Louis. The Missing Kids website theorizes she may have been from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana or West Virginia.

To this day, there do not appear to be any solid leads that have been made public to once and for all identify this little girl and the person or persons who took her life in a terribly violent way. The case remains open and tips can be provided through the official FBI website. If someone has information that leads to this case being solved, once and for all this little girl could have a name and be remembered and hopefully her killer being being brought to justice.

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