There's never been a case like it. It's been over 40 years now that a Missouri town decided to kill a man described as a bully and no one ever got caught.

It was July 10,1981 when Ken Rex McElroy was murdered in the middle of Skidmore, Missouri. It happened in the middle of the day and there were dozens of witnesses. How did this murder never result in an arrest and conviction? Because no one in Skidmore, Missouri would talk about what happened.

Why did the citizens of Skidmore decide to band together to take McElroy's life? Wikipedia explains that "McElroy was accused of dozens of felonies, including assault, child molestation, statutory rape, arson, animal cruelty, hog and cattle rustling, and burglary".

The killing of Ken Rex McElroy was so notorious, it became a made-for-TV movie called "In Broad Daylight" and starred the late great Brian Dennehy.

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Shortly after McElroy's 1981 killing, 60 Minutes even did a segment on what happened.

An urban explorer recently ventured to Skidmore to show the location where the town took its revenge at the spot where Ken was gunned down.

To this day, no one has been prosecuted. Wikipedia says that McElroy's family sued some members of the town, but the only result was legal fees were paid in the amount of $17,600.

There's a picture of Ken Rex McElroy's grave which reads "Beloved Ken, Brave, Fearless and Compassionate".

Was Skidmore justified in taking Ken's life? Is it ever right to do something like this? Only the residents of Skidmore, Missouri and Ken Rex McElroy can answer that question, but no one's talking - ever.

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