Pizza is one of the most subjective topics in the world. One person's pizza trash is another one's treasure. There's a new study that claims the 3rd best pizza city in the United States is in Illinois and it's the least surprising thing ever. But, it also says that 2 of the worst are in Missouri and that is unexpected.

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National Pizza Day is February 9, so our favorite pies are a relevant and timely topic. The Lawnstarter website which you would expect would know lawn care things instead are delving into the best pizza cities in America. Here's their helpful map. Notice the darker the pizza slice, the better the pizza city with the opposite representing the worst.

I would classify Chicago being named the 3rd best pizza city in America as one of the biggest "duh" moments I've seenIt's the 2 Missouri cities on the bad side of the pizza equation that mystifies me. Both Springfield, Missouri and the Kansas City area get dinged for lack of pizza street cred. What's up with that?

There is some science behind the Lawnstarter pizza study. It's based on a number of metrics including the number of Google searches in those cities for pizza-related topics. They also factored in "Access, Quality, Accolades, Popularity, and Affordability".

The surprise for me is the Kansas City area where I've never seen anyone in that city do any type of food bad. As for Springfield, they have a zillion chain pizza places, so perhaps they deserve to sit in the pizza "no-no chair".

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