There are multiple reports of a a freak attack at a Missouri intermediate school playground that left a total of 21 injured including many students and a few teachers in the Springfield area.

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I first saw this horrific story shared by Newsweek of an attack by pit bull mix dogs at the Willard Intermediate South in Springfield, Missouri. According to their report, 5th and 6th graders were outside for their afternoon recess at approximately 1pm on Tuesday, December 20 when dogs entered the playground. They began to attack children and teachers with a total of 21 who were treated. 18 were students and 3 were teachers. Not all students were injured by the dogs, but some fell trying to escape the attack.

Ozarks First added more details saying that the dogs owners were located and they surrendered the animals to authorities.

The good news is that there do not appear to be any life-threatening injuries for students or teachers as both reports say that the 21 who were treated suffered bites, scratches and bruises.

This appears to be an ongoing investigation as animal control studies the animals and parents get information from the school district about what's next. It would be fair to guess that steps will be taken to secure the playground from animal access in the future at Willard Intermediate South in Springfield, Missouri.

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