I enjoy looking at pictures of vintage homes and appreciate history. That's one reason I love the Illinois home built in 1859 by a man considered to be the father of the modern skyscraper.

This is 84 Riverside Road in Riverside, Illinois. It's listed on Realtor.com and has over 160 years of backstory inside its walls. Here's part of what was shared in that listing about the history of this location:

The home has significant historical and architectural value as one of the earliest residential structures to be constructed in the Village by architect William LeBaron Jenney, a prominent member of the Chicago School of Architecture and considered to be the Father of the Modern Skyscraper. The home was built for William T. Allen in 1869 and is listed on various historic registries.

Illinois Home Built By "Father of the Modern Skyscraper"

I did some research on William LeBaron Jenney and his architectural work is that of legend. Wikipedia has him ranked at #89 among people that shaped that past millennium. It says that one of his sketches of a skyscraper design are in the Chicago Art Institute. Fitting as he's known for designing the Home Insurance skyscraper building.

The home is available for a current asking price of $2,100,000 according to Realtor. Public record shows it was sold for $903,000 back in 2003, so that gives you an idea of how much value real estate like this has gathered over the past two decades.

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