I have been a St. Louis Cardinals fan my entire life and plan to be till the day I die. That's why I had to do a double-take when I realized that I had stumbled upon former Cardinal manager Mike Shildt's condo that just went on the market in St. Louis.

I want to be clear that I did not go looking for this. I saw a story about how the Padres had just selected someone else as their manager even though I had read that Mike was under consideration. I was disappointed as I really liked the job Mike Shildt did as manager of the St. Louis Cardinals until he was fired a week or two ago. So, I Googled him to see if he was up for any other manager gigs.

It was then that I saw a thumbnail from a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story that said Mike's condo had gone up for sale. I'm not a subscriber, so I couldn't see the story. That led to some detective work. I knew his place was in the Clayton suburb of St. Louis and was priced at $375,000 (thanks again Post-Dispatch). That led to a search on Realtor where I found 7520 Buckingham Dr Apt 2E, St. Louis, Missouri (aka Mike Shildt's condo) See the pics for yourself.

Pictures of Former St. Louis Cardinal Manager Mike Shildt's Condo

Mike's condo is available for $375,000 as of this writing if you'd like to be able to tell your friends that you now live in Mike Shildt's place.

No matter what you think of Mike Shildt's job managing the St. Louis Cardinals, it's easy to forget he's a real human being that lives in homes just like you and I do (albeit quite a bit fancier than most of us I'm guessing). Very interesting to me to see what his home is like. Kinda like looking behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz.

I wish Mike and his wife the best and hope he lands a Major League Baseball managing job soon. In my opinion, he certainly deserves another chance.

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