Everyone needs a happy place. That location your mind can go to and find peace and serenity. For me today, it's 10 seconds of bliss showing a stunning sunset at Missouri's Table Rock Lake.

Other than a confusing username, I have no idea the name of the person who dropped this video on the Missouri sub-Reddit page, but I owe them a thank you. It's Table Rock Lake at sunset and it's...gorgeous.

10 seconds of your time. 10 seconds of a Table Rock, Missouri sunset seems like a great deal.

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A humorous side note. Since it was titled "An absolutely gorgeous sunset on TRL tonight", some made the mistake of asking what "TRL" stood for on Reddit. Never ask questions about abbreviations on Reddit unless you'd like to get skewered. The responses have varied from "Tony LaRussa" to "Total Request Live". Those are the G-rated answers.

If I may add my own editorial comment, Table Rock Lake is a mandatory visit at some point of your life. It's arguably one of the most scenic parts of Missouri and almost makes the tourist stuff in Branson tolerable. I said almost.

Thanks to this user on Reddit for giving us 10 seconds of pretty Missouri chill today.

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