As we all watch the ball come down at Times Square in New York City tonight at midnight (ET) I was thinking about being in the massive crowd which according to estimates will be over 1-million people. Can you imagine being in the middle of all that? That really isn’t something I would enjoy. These people start arriving in the morning to get a good spot near the TV broadcast areas and for a good view of the big ball that will begin dropping seconds before midnight.

I couldn't help but think about a few questions regarding what is available to those million plus people who will be gathered there on New Year’s Eve. So I did a little research on the huge celebration in New York City. The main question that came to my mind is where will these people go to use the restroom? You won’t believe how many portable potties the City of New York will have set up for tonight’s big party.

With over a million people in Times Square, my guess was at least 500 portable potties. I wasn’t even close. Are you ready for this? The answer is ZERO. Not one portable potty will be set up for the event. My guess is that there will be none for security reasons.

After finding that out, my next question was, so where do a million people take care of their business? Maybe I don’t want to know the answer to that one.

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