How many times have you flown somewhere and then posted on social media where you are, usually with a recognizable monument behind you? Just about everyone has done that. Well, there is an airline that wants you to see new places but not show them on Instagram. Jet Blue is that airline. As part of a contest promoting the return of the airline's "All You Can Jet" pass, JetBlue is asking participants to delete (or archive) their Instagram feeds, and in return they could receive one year of free flights. There will be three winners chosen, each of whom will also get airfare covered for their travel companions.

JetBlue even showed how serious they were about "flying with a blank slate" by deleting the airline's own Instagram feed except for one post promoting the contest. You have to do more than delete (or archive) your pictures and comments by March 8 to qualify.

You must also visit the contest site and upload a photo that shows a person or place you want to visit. Caption the photo by filling in the blank: "All You Can ____." Upload the image and the caption to the site and to your now vacant Instagram feed, using the hashtag #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes.

At that point you will be eligible for the drawing to be one of three winners of free flights for a year.

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