Things are done...differently in some parts of Missouri. That's a fact. This town is a perfect example. It's a place in the Show Me State that closes schools and celebrates a holiday that's dedicated to one of the nastiest fish you can ever imagine eating.

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What Missouri abode has a special day for a tasteless fish? Give yourself a cookie if you guessed Nixa, Missouri. 50 States shared a fun annual celebration in Nixa that's dedicated to the "Sucker Fish". Yes, Nixa Sucker Days is a real thing. Oh, and it's less than a month away. Check out the helpful map that Nixa shared for all your sucker fish needs.

Infographic, Nixa Sucker Days
Infographic, Nixa Sucker Days

Yes, there's even an app dedicated to Nixa, Missouri Sucker Days. Don't misunderstand. This is a great celebration and quite literally thousands of people that don't live in Nixa will go there in May to enjoy music, arts and crafts. They are good people there and this party is a good time. My question is why dedicate it to one of the nastiest fish that you can potentially put on a plate? Ever eaten a sucker fish? Pro Tip - DON'T.

Personally, I think Nixa, Missouri should be commended for finding a reason to party no matter what. If you can celebrate a sucker fish, you can literally celebrate anything.

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