Y101’s lovable groundhog U-Babe has escaped again this year and is still missing from Y101 and we want him back.

We have been giving clues to where you might find U-Babe (seen above) each morning for the past week on the Y101 morning show for clues as to where he might be.  If you find him and bring him back to us at 24th & Broadway you will win a prize worth $250.

The U-Babe contest is sponsored by Jackpot Maggies at 12th & Harrison in Quincy. Listed below are the previous clues that have been revealed so far to help you find U-Babe.

U-Babe Clues

1-27      U-Babe is in the Land of Lincoln

1-27      U-Babe is north of I-72

1-28      U-babe is South of Mendon

1-28      U-Babe is West of Liberty

1-29  ��   U-Babe is was last seen at Menards heading west on Broadway

1-29      U-Babe was leaving  Sheridan Swim Club and heading  north on 24th Street

1-30      U-Babe was last seen getting into a car at the Amtrak Station this morning and heading South on 30th Street

1-30      U-Babe just left the Kroc Center and was heading East

1-31      U-Babe just bought some ground hog juice at Walgreens and was heading into the sun.

1-31      U-Babe enjoys his breakfast

2-3        U-Babe stuck his head out and saw his shadow yesterday meaning 6 more weeks of Milk drinking

2-3        U-Babe was reading some signs this morning and took them to the dumpster.

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