Strange smells in homes are not unusual. If you are a homeowner, you understand what I'm talking about. However, there is one smell in a Wisconsin home that should concern you immediately. If you have a sudden odor of cucumbers, it would be a good idea to get you and your family out as quickly as possible.

Probably the most common smell in Wisconsin homes is that of rotten eggs as that may mean you have a dangerous gas leak. One that many are not aware of is the smell of cucumber and what it might mean. There's an interesting article by The State that says cucumber smell in a Wisconsin home may mean your place is infested with venomous copperhead snakes. The expert they quoted says that not only does it mean this dangerous snake is in your home, but it's angry.

It's only fair to mention that not everyone is on board with the "venomous snakes smell like cucumbers" theory. Some claim it's an urban legend, but I've heard enough anecdotal stories to take the cucumber smell seriously.

I'm certainly no snake expert, but here's some unsolicited advice. If you know you live in an area where rattlesnakes or copperheads have a known habitat, have professionals check your home for a snake presence before you smell anything odd. Better safe than sorry as you don't want to be that person on the news who had a big snake event in your home.

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