How many weddings have you been to in your lifetime, either yours or others? I am sure that somewhere along the way something crazy took place during the ceremony or after. It is that "crazy happening" that we are looking for each and every week when we air Marry Me Monday on Y101 Radio Monday mornings at 7:25.  It doesn't have to a wedding story, it could be a unique engagement story or an anniversary story.  We would love to tell those stories, so if you know of one, let us know so we can use it on Marry Me Monday sponsored by Emerald City Jewelers in Quincy.

Oh, and don't worry about embarrassing anyone because we won't use any names of the people involved, including yours. Just send those stories to If we read your story on the air, you will win a gift card and a MMM T-shirt from Emerald City Jewelers.

So email those stories to us and maybe we will read it next Monday morning at 7:25 on Y101.