It's seems like we're always talking about zombies. A short zombie film is being shot in Hannibal this month, a zombie run is also being planned in America's Hometown, and zombies are the biggest monsters on television. Rick, Carol, Carl, Daryl, and the rest of the survivors of TV's No. 1 show don't return for all-new episodes of The Walking Dead until October, but AMC will debut Fear the Walking Dead, which is described as a Walking Dead "companion series," this weekend. Will the cable network score another hit with its second zombie show?

We got a very small glimpse of the new show during The Walking Dead season finale. To be honest, I was expecting to see more than a teaser trailer. In fact, I was certain that if I watched all of Talking Dead  - the talk show all about The Walking Dead that airs live after new episodes - right after the Season 5 finale, I would see a full preview. That didn't happen. What we do know is that the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse will be covered at the start of Fear the Walking Dead, and it will be set in the West Coast.

It's really incredible how popular The Walking Dead has become in the five seasons it's been on the air. Zombies have become such a big pop culture deal that we are regularly reporting on zombie runs, zombie pub crawls, zombie paintball, zombie movies shot in Knox County, and we even covered a local author who is writing a series of zombie books set in Hannibal. I joke that "local zombie stories" are my beat.

It probably isn't surprising that a Walking Dead spin-off is being created, but will it be any good? Do you think Fear the Walking Dead will be fun to watch, or is a second series just too much?

Fear the Walking Dead
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